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Branding Honey and Jam

            Sweet gifts already in Moscow!

  The company offers unique Russian secret gift sets of Honey and jam under your brand! The collection presents gift sets and Jam collected at the edges of famous nature region part of Russia - Bashkiria and the Orenburg region. The gift sets could be under regular covers and packing with standard label, or with free design of the brand of your company on covers.
  Typical sets includes jam from raspberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and plums.
The most important element in the set - Honey. You can take in set: Linden, buckwheat, white honey, acacia, Herbs honey.   Incredible flavor in each set.Also, For healthy tea drinking in the set we put dried flowers and herbs - hawthorn, marjoram, St. John's wort, thyme, chamomile. Amazing Beutiful and healthy set as sweetest gift you were made is here!


Season 2017 - 2018

Set 1;
5 x 90 мл; 1690 RUB.

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Set 2;
3 x 200 мл; 1790 RUB.

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Set 3;
200 мл х 5; 2150 RUB.

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Set 4;
90 мл х 3; 1490 RUB.

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Set 5;
90 мл х 2; 550 RUB.

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Set 6;
90 мл х 3; 770 RUB.

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Set 7;
200 мл х 1; 740 RUB.

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Set 8;
90 мл х 1; 640 RUB.

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Set 9;
200 мл х 1; 740 RUB.

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Christmass days

Set 10;
200 мл х 2; 900 RUB.

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Set 14;
90 мл х 3; 800 RUB.

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Set 12;
90 мл х 2; 650 RUB.

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Set 11;
90 мл х 1; 640 RUB.

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Set 15;
90 мл х 1; 640 RUB.

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Set 7;
200 мл х 1; 740 RUB.

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we do Branding for each Set!

Free Design of your Logo on pack covers

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Reasons to buy the best quality!

Honey and Jam


In our meadows we collect different honey, but especially popular Buckwheat, White cream honey, forbs as well as lime. We are composing each set of honey to choose from.

Honey Benefits

It's no secret, honey is a therapeutic product. Each honey has its positive properties, such as buckwheat helps with colds and linden uplifting and herding stress.


Choice jam with meadows Bashkiria going every summer. Rich edge of Bashkortostan - is the hidden corners of Russia in which we collect berries for our jams. In the district of our meadows and forests - an incredible unspoiled nature.

Jams for choice

In addition to the popular varieties of jam as blueberries or raspberries, currants, we are pleased to offer our customers a more refined sort of jam - strawberry, cherry, cherry, lemon, feyyhua, apple, plum, and others.



Our herbs we collect from the meadows of Bashkortostan and Orenburg - hidden corners of Russia. The sets we laid Chebrets, Hypericum, hawthorn, and other interesting herbs

dried fruits

Our Sets of dried fruit and marmalade are ready to surprise the most refined lovers of interesting and tasty gifts. Neveroyatnosdladkie fillers for your chayapitiya.

Honey and Nuts

Honey with nuts, the most favorite treat of many people who know a lot about sweet. But most of all, such a combination would be the most useful and the most delicious!


From 20 USD each

Prepare order
from 1 to 3х days

Each Set
could be changed for any ingridients

Highq Quality

We take orders
for coming New year 2018

is on World Wide

We are respect company

Money back,
if shipping will be canceled

Healthy food
Herbs all for tea , Honey and Jam

Leave order
For discount if more than 20 pcs

You can request online, and within 10 minutes, Our manager will connect with you to discuss the size, discounts, branding options and other issues


Anatoly. Cofe + co


We had question , what gifts to give to the new year. I stumbled on this site, issued an order for 40 Sets 3 x 90 ml jam, we got arrive of the mail layout in 2-3 days we brought ready Sets with our LOGO! When we openeded the Set, saw the neatly arranged grass, dried rose, colleagues were delighted! I recommend to all!»

Andrew. Microsoft.


I ordered 30 sets of individually designed, made with high quality and logo fast for a set, I decided to go personally along with myself to try the honey and jam, the product quality was high, staff decided to give filled with dried herbs, dried fruit and female employees, came out very nice, thank you! ... "

Elena . Colgate.


Long thought that the gift, because every year the same thing! As a result, we found this company to all the Committee chose 5 different Setov, Sety issued us with the logo turned out very beautiful! Such gifts in the ordinary shop can not buy! "

Alex . Beeline


«I was looking for a creative gift for our partners, there were many suggestions, but such a customization I have not seen, draw your logo on the box of honey, on the banks themselves, and a gift for us turned out to be thematic. Our partners were shocked by the fact that we presented :)

Andre. Intel


I found this company on the Internet, I have issued an order to delivery. All brought the next day, without delay, and delay. Opened Set, brewed tea, tried to jam and honey, and I can say that the quality of the product at a height. I recommend.»

Elena. Huawei


One day, our colleague went on tasting this product in Moscow, and has brought to our company one sample before the new year. Our colleagues are very interested in tasting, in general, it happened that we all ordered a box home in honor of New Year. We have done a good discount and fast delivery. We were very glad! Thank you))

Hidden Russia
from Honey and Jam

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